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Architecture of Life

Architecture of Life, the inaugural exhibition in BAMPFA's landmark new building, explores the ways that architecture—as concept, metaphor, and practice—illuminates various aspects... more
Date/s: 01.31.2016 - 05.29.2016 - Location: Berkeley



Curated by Hernan Diaz Alonso and David Ruy Close-up examines the impact of digital technologies on the architectural detail and the traditions of tectonic expression associated with... more
Date/s: 03.11.2016 - 05.29.2016 - Location: Los Angeles, CA

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A Japanese Constellation: Toyo Ito, SANAA, and Beyond

Date/s: 03.13.2016 - 07.04.2016 - Location: New York


Joe Day/deagen-day design: ARRAYS

ARRAYS collects over three dozen maps and diagrams developed by Joe Day and his practice deegan-day design over the last two decades. Many chart a domain within the field—contemporary... more
Date/s: 06.03.2016 - 07.24.2016 - Location: Los Angeles, CA