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LafargeHolcim Awards

Two million dollar sustainable construction competition open The LafargeHolcim Awards is the most significant global competition in sustainable design. It seeks leading projects of... more
Date/s: 07.04.2016 - 03.21.2017 - Location: ZurichSwitzerland


Drawing Codes: Experimental Protocols of Architectural Representation

Curated by Andrew Kudless & Adam Marcus, with Clayton Muhleman Emerging technologies of design and production have opened up new ways to engage with traditional practices of architectural... more
Date/s: 01.17.2017 - 02.04.2017 - Location: San Francisco


The Chapel of the Mosquitoes: José Oubrerie architecture and paintings

José Oubrerie’s Chapel of Mosquitoes synthesizes the opposite spatial investigations of two of the architect’s most significant works: the 1986 French Cultural Center... more
Date/s: 02.03.2017 - 03.05.2017 - Location: Los Angeles