Teton Radiology Madison

Fulfilling the client’s vision of the ideal facility, The Teton Radiology Center evokes a sense of place through gently-curving, voluminous rooflines that reflect the iconic regional vernacular architecture of potato cellars. A spa-like feel greets patients entering the light-filled lobby—catering to the center’s primarily female clientele. The design methodically reconciles the relaxed spa atmosphere with the realities of housing cutting-edge medical technology and creating private spaces for patient consultation. Using solar tubes, clerestory windows, and light-deflecting monitors, architects were able to bring copious natural light to interior spaces, creating an 11,500-square-foot facility that brings the atmosphere of the comfortable, open public spaces into more private consultation rooms and imaging spaces.

The building’s exterior volume is broken down into several masses, defined by the converging rooflines. A simple and low-maintenance brick and stucco material palette combines with expanses of glass to help articulate entrances and interior functions, while landscaping helps nestle the building into its flat and open site.