Park Avenue Plaza

Park Avenue Plaza is the redesign of an existing 28,000 square foot public space and lobby.  Built by Fisher Brothers Development in 1981, the new design includes a grand glass colonnade that pulls the public into and through the space. The colonnade defines the path and provides places to gather in and around it, creating a powerful new identity and sense of place. Each column is 30-feet high and approx. 5-inches thick with formed, rounded sides. They are, themselves, sculptural objects.  

The new design is not centralized around one event.  It is a free flowing plan with multiple experiences.  Art, sculpture, digital media, plantings, music, and a water feature are spread throughout this internal street that links 52nd and 53rd Streets in Midtown Manhattan.  It is simultaneously a grand collective experience and one filled with more intimate moments, scaled for both the comfort of an individual and a group. The new plan layout, with easily moveable ‘social seating,’ is not formal or restrictive. The glass columns give rhythm and an overall order to the space, but what happens in and around them is spontaneous, changing and activated by the people and events that take place there.  

The design also features an interior glass façade that integrates a water feature and a 9-foot high vine wall.  Between each panel of glass, the wall is articulated with vertical glass crystals (a scaled-down cousin of the glass colonnade) that captures light and adds to the dynamic experience within the Arcade.  The interior façade reflects its surrounding conditions, subtly changing throughout the day, adding visual depth to the space and amplifying the activity within.
New York, NY
Year of completion