The project is for the transformation of the Courtland Street/Ralph McGill Boulevard Bridge in downtown Atlanta.  Spanning the I75/I85 Connector, the overpass is a unique opportunity to display downtown's urban vitality to a broad audience of Atlantans and travelers. Improving the visual appearance of this bridge is the first step in future enhancements of the rest of the Connector infrastructure.  

As finalist in the Bridgescape competition, the design improves the problematic relationship between the large, irregular geometries of the bridge and the surrounding context with one large gesture: a metallic cloud that covers the bridge.  Using parametric processes to control the framing and panel sizes of the cloud, the complex geometry presents interesting views from all angles.  Its carefully manipulated form also helps smooth and reshape the previously awkward bridge edges and pedestrian spaces.

At street level, the lightweight structure partially covers small urban spaces that are accessible to pedestrians. Featuring existing sculptures and totems from the Folk Art Park, seating, plantings, and artificial lighting at night,  the design proposes to transform these unused areas into public spaces for people's enjoyment.
Atlanta, GA