New York Air: Baths

The recovery of the concept of health and relaxation, moved to the urban core city, locating their activities in a historical building protected by the city materially. So on the ground floor are arranged reception areas and different costumes (male and female) while the ground floor is generated ample space, with component of calm, of stillness, of certain environmental mysticism. And all recovering and highlighting original materials: ceramic brick, wooden beams, columns metal casting.
The succession of glasses of pools of different temperatures, natural limestone covered in white, shining highlight in the atmosphere generated with enhancing lighting purpose.
The elegant glass box center, houses the steam historicist values ​​recover the "Hamman" center of gravity authentic visual functional.
The atmosphere of gloom sought and enhanced from the very initial design, power and amplifies the feeling of relaxation intended.
The positive effect of surprise for the user supports the goodness of the proposal, that is located between the top spa destinations worldwide, in most reference seekers. 
The number of departments / facilities there are:  -7 different water pools encompassing various treatments (flotarium- salt water floating pool, pools for relaxation, temperature contrast pools (hot water of 42º, cold water of 14º), jet massage pools, Jacuzzis, etc. -1 enormous Steam Bath in the center of the space uniting all of the pools which circle around this area. -Various Massage Rooms -Wine Therapy Room -Heated Relaxation Benches -Space for live classical musical concerts
88 Franklin st
New York
Year of completion