West 215 Step Street Reconstruction

West 215th Step Street serves as a pedestrian corridor between Broadway (at the low end of the stair) and Park Terrace East (at the high end of the stair). It is located in close proximity to Isham Park in the Inwood section of upper Manhattan. The project consists of the full reconstruction of the step street from Broadway to Park Terrace East, a length of approximately 200 linear feet by approximately 34 feet wide.  The street provides an important cut-through to public transportation and is consistently used throughout the day.

The primary goal of this project is the full reconstruction of the step street to provide the public with safe, non-motorized access along its length. The planted areas dividing the stairways were rehabilitated and received cobblestone paving and new trees, and the healthy existing trees falling within the proposed planting areas were preserved.
New York
Year of completion