The New York Stock Exchange Streets + Security

Undertaken in conjunction with NYC Economic Development Corporation, the Department of City Planning and the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, this project resolves the apparent contradictions of enabling a vibrant streetscape while providing cutting-edge security in one of New York’s densest urban conditions. The comprehensive strategy combines cultural, historical and financial landmarks into a security plan. Security requirements were conceived as opportunities: the bollard is replaced with sculptural bronze NOGO barriers that also provide seating and a new shallow-foundation TURNTABLE barrier replaces intrusive clamshell barriers, reopening key view corridors. Their modern bench blocks and glowing towers have become another visual and physical trademark for this historic area. Adding to a cultural legacy, a long interpretive, engraved-granite curb marks the original 1620 canal and wood block pavers recall the city’s defense wall that gave its name to Wall Street.   
New York, NY
Year of completion