Design philosophy
SQLA inc, Square Los Angeles, is a design firm dedicated to the art and craft of creating exterior spaces that provide engaging environments for living, work and play, but most of all communion with nature.

We seek to bring back nature in human environments that have displaced nature with buildings, concrete and asphalt. We use plants, gravel, rock and water, the elements of the earth, and abstract images of nature to fill an exterior space, and invite heaven to transform them into gardens. Garden is a place where the heaven and the earth is made to commingle and blossom.

Gardens are surrogate nature, man's rendition of nature. Gardens are essential in our immediate environment because our living and work environments are so removed from nature. Gardens need to fill the void of our sterile environments and the void of our natural being.

At SQLA inc., we strive to create gardens that not only fill our senses with flowers and colors, but fill our spirit with that ineffable sense of being when we are touched by nature; the fall of a morning dew from the tip of a blade of grass when the first ray of sun strike upon it.. See million years of earth's life on a vein of a rock, or partake of the eternal dance of cloud with the rolling hills.

Garden is a stage upon which we not only engage our senses but immerse ourselves in the eternal pulsations of flux.
Owner / Partner
Samuel L. Kim
Landscape Architecture
Urban design