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San Francisco

A converted 1940s era warehouse located in San Francisco’s Mission District is the new home of Interstice Architects. The original raw space was enhanced, its high wood ceilings and deep wood convex trusses sandblasted to reveal the warm material, while the open plan was re-organized by a simple central volume of glowing salvaged glass. The 10ft by 5 ft. sheets of cast glass, sourced locally from an architectural salvage yard clad an internal rigid wood 2X4 frame that supports an arsenal of conference room accessories from projection screens, to display and graphic boards of various sizes. The interior is a soft grass filled people space for ideation and complexity, while the exterior is a tight smooth surface of muted shadows that divides the main volume into four separate quadrants. The delicate aesthetic of the crystalline structure stands in material contrast to the course material palette of the warehouse space.

The running bond brick facades were braced with steel, allowing the large windows illuminate the open industrial interior, providing an abundance of natural light to the double story work spaces while solar gain is controlled through adjustable translucent interior screens.  The library wall of the rear volume houses the server room, restroom, kitchen and reference area, while shielding the model and materials workshop from the open work stations.  Here central large reference tables provide breakout spaces and team work areas between the peripheral work stations allowing large or smaller teams to work on projects as they need to.  Workflow flexibility is even built into the walls,  which are equipped with a custom aluminum channel track system permitting large display boards to migrate from add-hock ideation spaces, to conference room, to individual work stations; quickly put up, and then taken down or stored as required.

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