StreetFest Competition

New York City
Carlos Brillembourg Architects

Although this proposal is dedicated to the work of Cedric Price,l 1934-2003, the inspiration comes from the architecture used by Yanomami tribes still living in the northern Amazon. Their artifacts exhibit very clear thinking about economy, weight and, of course, sustainability in the most profound way. Their survival after approximately 3,000 years is now threatened and this proposal does not attempt to preserve the Yanomami way of life however, our entry is informed by the tectonics of their structures.  

We propose a hybrid structure of aluminum tubes, canvas and sandbags that is applicable and complies with all regulations for this type of structure in NYC.

The aluminum tubular structures are each to be erected by two men in about 75 minutes and all the components will be stored in one cardboard box that measures 24”X16”X120”. All 16 units will cover 2,000 sq. feet in any number of configurations and can be stored in 16 boxes that will fit in one standard semi-trailer truck.

The location of culture on the street of our city is possible by way of these arrangements that adapt themselves to alleys, street sidewalks, or parks by shifting from linear to more central forms. Also, the linear circulation varies from central to side circulation with adjacent spaces. The fabric is treated with color strips that reinforce the vertically of the structure and signal the presence of the StreetFest.

The realization of the proposal would be realized incrementally. First, will be the construction of a prototype. This prototype will be analyzed not only for strength but for the quickness of its erection. The structure is then reviewed by our engineer to see what might be redundant in an effort to make it weigh less and make the process of assembly, disassembly and storage more practical and cost efficient. Once this is completed then we will proceed to assemble the other 15 tents using re-cycled materials.

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