The Shape of Things to Come

Television - HG TV Network, The Shape of Things to Come, featuring the McKinley residence, Jan 2000

Dream Builders

Television - HG TV Network, Dream Builders, featuring the Lehrer, McKinley and Hess residences, Episode 605

“Architect’s Dream Homes”

Television - Style Network “Architect’s Dream Homes” Episode 55

“21st Century Home”

Television - HGTV “21st Century Home” Episode 408 featuring McKinley residence

“Homes with Style: Multi-Level Modern”

Television - E! “Homes with Style: Multi-Level Modern” featuring the McKinley residence

“House Beautiful: Kids live here too!”

Television - A + E Network, “House Beautiful: Kids live here too!” featuring the McKinley residence

21st Century Home

Television - TECH-TV Network (formerly ZDTV), 21st Century Home, featuring the McKinley Residence

Homes Across America

Television - HG TV Network, Homes Across America, Episode 217 featuring the McKinley residence

“Hometime: Master Suite”

Television - PBS, “Hometime: Master Suite” Episode 819

House Beautiful: Sensual Living

Television - A + E Network, House Beautiful: Sensual Living, featuring the Lehrer residence