DRY Design Inc. is a firm that is interested in the ongoing relationship between landscape and architecture. We aim to perpetuate dialogue about all physical environments in order to challenge conventional notions of design. DRY is equipped to offer comprehensive landscape design, architectural design, urban design and planning services for municipal, commercial, civic and residential clients. The firm is committed to all aspects of design, from schematic through construction observation. DRY Design was founded by principals Sasha Tarnopolsky and John Jennings in 1996. Sasha Tarnopolsky is a licensed Landscape Architect.

DRY Design operates out of a studio space in Los Angeles that is shared by other members of HEDGE Design Collective. The association with HEDGE Design Collective benefits the firm by providing a pool of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. This allows designers at DRY Design the opportunity to freely exchange ideas in the creation of built spaces, both interior and exterior.

DRY Design believes that there is a strong relationship between building and land, and that it is the responsibility of the designer to respond to and respect what is provided by the natural world. We are committed to using sustainable, site specific or native materials wherever possible. We are also committed to enhancing sensory experiences of fragrance, color, texture and movement while at the same time creating spaces that are culturally significant and that preserve or restore natural habitat.


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