Ao-Di Next Gene 20 Villa

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Aodi, Taiwan

3 vertically layered experiences are interlocked by a spiraling move of integrated architectural landscape.

The building entrance joins the spiral move at mid point, delivers the beholder into the panoramic living room, or continuing along a ramp-like stair to the bedrooms above. The stair terminates into a gallery space and balcony with views to the ocean, from here the path continues along a central east-facing terrace accessible from all bedrooms, like in a traditional Chinese court yard setting.

The panoramic living room is divided into 3 zones: the lounge, the elongated entertainment counter, and the dining space. All areas are floor to ceiling glazed and expand into the circumventing terraces and provide pleasant outdoor feeling by sliding doors, meanwhile being shaded by the overhang of the upper floor. A central core provides structural strength and encloses the kitchen and logistic facilities.

At the entrance area the spiraling path branches off towards the family zone at lower level. The sauna and spa facilities are located inside the core with easy access to hot spring pool area on the west side. The pool provides a 20m length for lap practice and an elevated hot tub. The family room opens by way of a floor to ceiling glazed front into a sunken yard, protected from neighbor’s views and gusty winds by a berm of local rocks and vegetation.
在入口區,螺旋形的小徑開枝散葉般朝向下一層的家庭活動區蔓延而去。桑拿和洗浴設 施設在核心筒內,可方便通往西面的溫泉泳池。泳池設有20米長的練習泳道和抬高的溫水浴缸。家庭活動室採用落地玻璃的正面,使這一區域開放融入下沉的庭院 之中;這裏,一座由本地石塊和植被形成的土坡遮擋了鄰居的視線和大風天氣。

The materiality emphasizes the distinguished characteristics of the three vertically layered experiences: Metal with iridescent metallic finish slightly reflecting sky and scenery, providing a streamlined shelter from rain and sun; Floor to ceiling glazing at the panoramic mid level, and a rough and rugged base of natural stone --lava or slate-- at base level which ties the project into the earth.
設計選材強調了三個垂直層次上各自體驗的鮮明特徵:微微反射出天空和景色的彩虹光澤金屬 表面的金屬材料製成能遮擋日光風雨的流線型造型。全景式的中間樓層採用落地玻璃;而建築底部樓層則採用天然石材(玄武火成岩或板岩),形成粗糙不平的建築 底座,使建築牢牢立足於大地之上。

The landscape generates the overall spiral concept along with the building. Local plants, recycled wood planks, rocks and soil will seamlessly blend the project into the environment, which sets off the building like a kinetic shell landing on upheaval seabed.

single-family house

Ao-Di Grand Land Architecture Project

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