Haus Koch

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Berlin, Germany

Graft designed and planned this single family house in Berlin-Biesdorf for Dr. Alexander Koch. The house consists of two levels, a sub-level, and a carport area, the utilization of the living areas spans across five different areas, organized in so-called split levels. The L-shaped body is oriented along the sides of the northern and eastern property lines. The roof continually drops from the highest point on the northwestern corner downwards. The overall appearance of the building towards the street through its sleek geometry, perspective tapering and alignment eith existing neighboring buildings, is very unobstrusive. Towards the southwest the building opens towards the garden which forms a symbiosis with the living level. The monolithic looking building has L-shaped Windows, spanning across corners, partially expanding up onto the roof. While the windowing is minimal towards the Prignitzstra├če and the northern facade, the southern facade towards the garden features generously spanning celing high windows.

Project Leaders
Sven Fuchs, Katja Mitte

Tobias Hein

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