Kanera 1 D double washbasin

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An individual center revolutionizing a spatial concept – Ever since the end of the 19th century, in other words ever since private bathrooms have existed, washbasins have tended to be wall mounted or positioned next to a wall. Now, at long last the washbasin is being moved to where it truly belongs, not least because of the frequency with which it is used, namely the center of the bathroom. In this respect, the KANERA 1 D double washbasin can be considered a revolutionary spatial concept. For the first time, a double wash basin has been designed as a standalone installation within the bathroom. It not only offers the shared experience of the poetry of water, but also enables completely new room layouts. The idea is Christian Kaldewei’s brainchild – it was he, together with his newly founded company, who boldly initiated a new, holistic approach to bathroom design. Additional to the KANERA 1 E, which has won the red dot award: product design 2008, the KANERA 1 D was created by the creative minds of GRAFT architects.

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