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Premium Gemeinwohl Resort

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Lofer, Austria

The first "premium common good resort" will be built in Lofer near Salzburg (Austria). GRAFT received the first prize in the design competition.

The entire construction includes a hotel complex, a staff building, a workshop based on “the economy for the common good“, a “café villa” and a premium residence area.

The concept of GRAFT also received the biggest approval from the local population who was fully involved in the decision process.

Building in the Alps means building within a proud cultural landscape and its deep-rooted identity. Therefore the design must shape the link between old and new while keeping the balance between nostalgia and change.

In doing so, the new buildings will both fit into the site and landscape and make a strong and innovative statement at the same time. Historical facades and building structures were preserved and integrated into the modern cutting-edge architecture.
All buildings are innovative architectural sculptures that are reminiscent of the traditional larch facades and the history of the local timber constructions. All buildings respond in different ways to their very special urban genius loci. Each distinct transformation of the local gabled roof allows a full-scale adjustment to the surrounding village context. In addition to that, the design is based on a high level of environmental sustainability.

In collaboration with the international engineering firm Buro Happold, a building that meets the needs of a hotel without harming soil, air or water has been designed.

The energy and water consumption is minimized through the "lean -mean- green" strategy, where modern technologies and renewable energy sources comeinto use. Apart from the ideal use of rain, snow and sun, also the façade and the building measure up to specific sustainability criteria.

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