Bayview Hill Gardens Landscape

INTERSTICE was founded by architect Andrew Dunbar and landscape architect Zoee Astrachan.  After years of working in “separate” disciplines, the arbitrary distinctions were just too constraining, so IA was born as a multidisciplinary firm of architects, landscape architects, urban designers and visual artists.  Over the past ten years, this critical practice has grown designing public and private spaces on projects of multiple scales, focused on the broadest possible interpretation of the constructed realm.

As an integrated practice, IA combines professional services concentrating the experience of these shared disciplines to create a civic minded practice, where all staff are active citizens and advocates for better communities.  Working with private clients, City Agencies, Redevelopment Agencies, Task Forces and other institutional organizations we design collaborations rather than dictating solutions, viewing constraints as opportunities, we reach for the unexpected by exposing root problems.  Personally and professionally, we reside in the city and create from an immersed point of view.  Our work is inspired by constant research into the urban condition and those idiosyncratic social, historical and ecological aspects that make each project challenging and distinctive.

IA is a collaborative of civic-minded individuals that embrace sustainability as integral to lasting and relevant planning and design.  As designers, educators and urban activists, we strive to imbue material and space with identity, to create simple and sustainable solutions through intelligent infrastructures.  We are material explorers and strategists prioritizing long term, fundamental change – creating solutions where things not only appear different, they are different.

Collaborating closely with our diverse clients, from private residential, to institutional and civic agencies, IA works without walls, in a very big room, with lots of extra chairs…

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