Northshore Park

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Dianshan Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Shanghai and is the starting point of the iconic Hangpu River. While Dianshan Lake is typically associated geographically with Shanghai, located on the lake’s northern shore is Dianshan Lake Town in Kunshan. This distinct shore of Dianshan Lake offers a strong source of identity for Dianshan Lake Town and offers an exceptional opportunity for a landmark destination.

This project proposes the creation of the North Shore Park at Dianshan Lake, to be developed in two phases. The park will bring identity to the northern shore of the lake and Dianshan Lake Town, honoring this shore and the canal town’s connection to the water.

The design for Phase I establishes an enduring design approach for a landmark waterfront park and transforms an engineered shoreline into a rich social and ecological destination. The park dramatically takes visitors out into the water along lyrically sculpted Eco Islands and a Pier. The Canal Gardens, a 30 acre inland parcel, will support a range of activities and cultural gardens that celebrate the unique landscape heritage of Kunshan. A promenade links together the park’s destinations and serves as the dominant spine of circulation.

The most significant feature of Phase II, the Garden of a Thousand Waters will create a narrative journey that artistically redefines the canal landscape that dominates the region. Nestled in a meadow of wildflowers and grasses, a meandering canal links together 8 expressive water features. Unlike the traditional canals found in the region which primarily serve to irrigate the agricultural fields, this new canal typology has ecological purpose, celebrates the many phenomenological expressions of water and creates a civic destination for leisure and recreation.

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