Christian Dior

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This Christian Dior boutique is strategically located at the epicenter of Chicago’s high fashion shopping district. A fanciful star affixed on the top of the building—a symbol of good luck for Monsieur Dior—distinguishes the boutique as a standout among neighboring luxury retailers.

At street level customers are drawn to the lustrous façade; an ethereal effect of the patterned frit/ceramic glazing, expansive display windows, and articulated lightboxes. Highly stylized, the cannage-patterned frit/ceramic glazing blurs away the joints between glass panels and produces a strong graphic statement. The frit glass is a stunning complement to the exposed steel canopy elements of the original Walton Gardens structure.

On the first floor, millinery, handbags, and accessories are individually showcased on display niches supported by ultra-slender shelves made of brushed stainless steel. Alluring display cases, crafted from custom millwork and crystal-clear glass, highlight timepieces and jewellery collections.

On the second floor, ready-to-wear collections and a shoe salon are beautifully contrasted against the glowing white backdrop of the double-height façade. This level is appointed with plush sofas and a wrought-iron sculpture.

Myefski Architects served as Executive Architect working in collaboration with the Christian Dior Architecture Department.

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