Visualization © Luxigon
Visualization © Luxigon
Visualization © PAR
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Drawing © PAR
Drawing © PAR

Kinmen Port Terminal

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Kinmen, Taiwan
1M - 100M
5-20 Stories

The Kinmen Port Terminal undertakes a transformation from an industrial traffic junction to becoming a regional gateway and travel center. Our proposal arose out of the desire to extend the adjacent park across the project site to the ocean. The building is conceived as a landform, consisting of two elements: a green base connecting to the adjacent park, and four towers each optimized for program organization. The base houses the 50% public green space required by the project brief. The towers are each rationally scaled and distributed according to required use and circulation. The park and towers morph together in an undulating cascade, realizing the transition from land to water as a terrased landscape from which the building emerges.

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