ERGO Versicherung Employer Branding

Germanywide, Germany
Photo © Martin Hasse
Photo © Martin Hasse
Photo © Martin Hasse
Photo © Martin Hasse
Photo © Martin Hasse
Photo © Martin Hasse
Photo © Martin Hasse
Interior Designers
ERGO, ., Germanywide, Germany

Go with the flow The insurance provider’s branding process was part of a period of readjustment for its employees, which made it a special communication task. The company’s mission statement comes alive in its eleven buildings: the composite picture in the reception area consisting of approximately 2,000 images of Ergo employees is followed by the key brand communication element: the ‘Flows’. In all shapes and colours, on ceilings, walls, green outdoor areas, and corridors, peeking out from places and resembling footsteps on the floor, the ‘Flow virus’ fills all different parts of the ERGO buildings with the company’s core values – a most positive and welcome form of takeover. While respecting the pre-existing structures, the red elements work as a link, uniting the buildings’ different architectural characteristics and styles. The installation highlights the company values and gives visibility to a seemingly obvious principle: when dealing with real people, don’t forget the human touch.

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