Faifah Learning Center

Bangkok, Thailand
Photo © Lin Ho
Photo © Lin Ho
Photo © Lin Ho
Photo © TMB Bank
Photo © TMB Bank
Photo © Spark
Photo © Lin Ho
Prachautis soi 121, Bangkok, Thailand
5-20 Stories

Community empowering

In October 2010, Sparch was invited by TMB Bank to design Fai-Fah Prachautis, an arts-driven education project aimed at teenagers and young adults from the local communities in Bangkok. The various programmes and activities are arranged over five floors and include: the “living room”, an arts studio, a library, a dance studio and a multi-purpose rooftop workshop. Each of the five levels are clearly defined by its own colour theme, and linked by a central feature staircase. Services, storage and WC's are housed in a new structure, "Utility Stick”, which stands in the courtyard and turns through 90-degrees to form a store for the rooftop workshop. The façade of the original buildings has been given a signature screen, formed from a ladder and an outstanding graphic illuminated signage, identifying the arrival of Fai-Fah in the neighbourhood.

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