Preschool Igelboda

Nacka, Sweden
Landscape Architects

URBIO is currently working on the play scape around a new Reggio Emilia-inspired preschool with five departments. In the design proposal for the outdoor environment the space has been divided into three zones. These draw their qualities from the different stimulus needed by children in different ages. Closest to the house are zones suitable for smaller children. The scale and equipment is dimensioned for them to provide a secure environment. Beyond that a more challenging area is placed where the equipment is more advanced. The last zone is characterized by a wilder nature, where the focus lies on the possibility for larger movements and play in a forest like environment. The Preschool yard is supplemented throughout with vegetation which provides shadow and play value. Five different gathering spots are scattered across the yard, themed by the five elements; earth, air, water, fire and space. Excess water from roofs and ground surfaces are directed towards an adjacent wetland forest.

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