Meunster University Center, University of South Dakota

Building at dusk
Photo © John Linden
Photo © John Linden
Interior stair
Photo © John Linden
Photo © John Linden
Exterior stair
Photo © John Linden
Quartzite stone cladding
Photo © John Linden
Photo © John Linden
Site model
Photo © Charles Rose Architects
Charles Rose Architects
414 E. Clark St., 57069, Vermillion
University of South Dakota
Charles Rose, Susi Sanchez

The Muenster University Center was our second commission at the University of South Dakota after winning a national competition to design a new 80,000 square foot business school. The center is sited on a new quadrangle we created by moving a parking lot. Because of its leading role in campus life, we extended the building towards the central mall collegiate landscape to the east, so that the campus center and its large ballroom mass serve a landmark at the north entry to the campus.

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