one 80° Hostel

Berlin, Germany
Photo © one 80° Hostels
Photo © One 80° Hostels
Photo © One 80° Hostels
Visualization © klein Associates KG
Interior Designers
klein Associates
Otto-Braun-Straße 65, 10178, Berlin, Germany

Ground Floor_Lobby, reception and restaurant

"Remember me"
Tables in the restaurant area to be coated with board (blackboard) lacquer with option to leave messages on the tables. Bistro atmosphere is created by traditional french metal bistro chairs in silver colour. Meeting Point: High tables with bar stools offer the opportunity to get in contact to the other guests. Seating bench with little tables give opportunity to sit and eat. Large Baxter sofa with Chesterfield covering in silver. Lounge area with large seats (“Flirtstones”) and plastic armchairs in black and white (transparent). Materials: black wooden floor , walls and ceiling left in construction style only white painted, to contrast to the black floor; creating atmosphere in selected areas by rgb lights; the wall behind the large Chesterfield sofa are printed with poems in blue coloured graffity style; change in floor material in the reception/buffet area to tiles (size 60/60 cm). Columns painted with Caparol prime coating. poster advertising art: a wall covered with multiple layers of large poster advertising, by ripping pieces of the posters the occasional artist can create a new artwork. Show kitchen with large window. Reception and buffet in the same area and made of the same fixture element, the different areas are defined by varied surfaces and materials. Advertising column: possibility for the guest to leave messages and to get information about the city and the hostel. Digital picture frames on the black painted wall above the chesterfield sofa to show different pictures and to give the possibility for the guests to show their own pictures (if possible with data privacy protection)

Net Cubes: Cubes situated in the entrance area, possibility to sit, equipped with flatscreen and data processor, USB-port and smart card reader, connected with digital frames at the wall. Flatscreens in the lounge area to the left site of the entrance. Lamps by Diesel for Foscarini. The character of a “folded mattress” formed as seating area on the left site from the entrance

Drinks vending machine
To shield the inside of the hostel from the street the windows are covered with adhesive photo prints.

“Deep Blue”
Walls and fixtures with “Chesterfield” print. Columns left as construction style (concrete). Ceiling left as construction style painted black, RGB LED Lighting. Floor coated with “Porviva” material (floor screed); change in material at the bar area into tiles (size 60/60). Lightwells endowed with RGB Light sculptures. High tables at the side, bar stools from the same company as the one in the restaurant.

Bar: composed by different material cubes in different heights; bottle column with corten steal surface, lockable by pulling down a translucid cylinder. Seatings at the lounge areas on the sides builded as arena. Screen for cinema. Mobile stage/dancefloor area. DJ turntable at the bar. Two vintage sofas in Chesterfield textile surface

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