Rusted Modern

Jackson, Wyoming
Photo © Roger Wade
Photo © Roger Wade
Photo © Roger Wade
Photo © Roger Wade
Photo © Roger Wade
Photo © Roger Wade
Photo © Roger Wade
Ward + Blake Architects
Jackson, Wyoming

Positioned along a knoll of rolling farmland at the base of the Tetons, this one room wide residence allows abundant visual connections and transparency of both light and viewscapes in multiple directions. It seamlessly integrates with its site allowing the daylight basement to emerge from the existing slope. Situated to preserve much of the existing farming operations on the site, the project unreservedly protects the historical charm of the lot. 

Large overhangs provide protection against the elements for exterior spaces while still permitting sunlight to flood the interior. A small sod roof helps connect the Guest Wing and Garage to the main volume of the house, forming an “L” shape plan that protects the exterior courtyard from prevailing winds. 

Restrictive covenants only permitted wood siding in the subdivision. However, we were able to convince the HOA that corten siding would harmonize effortlessly with the cedar-sided neighborhood. Rusted corten siding with its charcoal-colored metal roof and delicate wood accents proved compatible with its cedar-sided neighbors to the HOA’s delight, while requiring much less maintenance.

To reduce the amount of maintenance required, exterior concrete, ipe decking, cedar soffits, and steel railings were selected. Even the landscape was designed with indigenous grasses, native trees, and a small amount of Kentucky Bluegrass, promoting a low maintenance, water conservation solution that harmonizes with the neighborhood. 

Beautifully finished concrete floors with hydronic radiant tubing heat and cool the house, while collecting passive solar energy during harsh winter months. Combined with a ground source heat pump, super insulation and high performance glass, this house scored an EUI of 0.40 which is 60% better than the International Energy Code requirements. 

The house sits modestly among its neighbors while providing a magnificent living experience. Its Cherry wood finishes, cedar ceilings, and custom finished steel accents warm up the raw concrete floors to create an overall atmosphere that defies its modest budget.

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