Valeo Thermal Systems

Auburn Hills
Photo © Frederick Charles
Photo © Paul Warchol
Photo © Frederick Charles
Davis Brody Bond
1-5 Stories

Valeo, a top tier automotive components manufacturer, began a major expansion program that consolidated its multiple administrative, design, testing, and research facilities located in the Detroit metropolitan area. The Thermal Systems facility was commissioned to support flexible, integrated, team-oriented work patterns and to house several companies in one building, creating a unified identity. This highly technical building is an exercise in integration between technology, culture, communication and light. The use of glass allows visual communication, even when a separation is required for sound or environmental isolation. Throughout, light is treated as a shared resource. Its semi-transparent exterior reflects the surrounding natural landscape, enabling the modern facility to connect with its environment. A glass façade overlooks the public street and displays a high-bay open lab testing area containing custom manufactured equipment to the public. Aluminum sunshades provide views of the testing equipment. The use of clear glass exhibits the complex yet efficient production and research processes to the public.

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