Zenale Building Renovation

Milan, Italy
Photo © Andrea Martiradonna
Photo © FTA
Photo © Andrea Martiradonna
Photo © Andrea Martiradonna
Photo © Andrea Martiradonna
Photo © Andrea Martiradonna
FTA | Filippo Taidelli Architetto
1M - 100M
5-20 Stories

The intervention foresees the complete renovation of a building in Milan's historic city center, originally constructed in 1901. The building houses apartments, workshops and stores on the ground floor. In addition to the restoration of the existing facades a new front that faces the adjoining garden has been created. At the center of the facade, a recess has been created to integrate a loggia that runs along the height of the building. Thus the visual effect is one of looking at two buildings: a brick tower with narrow windows and a classic facade that mimics the exterior front. The formal result allows for the building's harmonious integration into the preexisting architecture.
Further interventions include the thermal insulation of the building's shell and the utilization of modern HVAC system (ground sources heat pump, radiant floor) that allow users a maximum level thermal comfort with minimum energy waste.

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