William M. Lowman Concert Hall

Sander Architects, LLC, in existence since 1987, is known for award-winning modern design, innovative use of materials, and strong leadership in the green movement. The office has completed dozens of buildings, from single-family residences to office buildings, multi-family housing developments, and a concert hall.

In the prefab arena, Sander Architects’ brainchild, called HYBRID CONSTRUCTION, allows each project to be built as part prefab, all custom™. This method brings the efficiencies of established prefab manufacturers to their buildings, each one designed exclusively for the client. The HYBRID CONSTRUCTION approach provides lower per square foot construction costs and allows a budget of any size to go much further. The firm has used the part prefab, all custom™ concept in projects including a 10,000 sf net-zero residence completed in 2013, a ten-lot subdivision in Sun Valley, Idaho, and a 10,000 sf concert hall that cost just $4.4 million to build.

A melding of art and architecture/interior design, the design approach of Sander Architects creates international award-winning buildings that have been published in books and major magazines around the world. The firm’s 'total environment' approach has also resulted in the design of fixtures, lighting and furniture. The firm started its own line of products, including a cast resin sink and glass-and-steel desks, all fabricated in Southern California.

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