Yabu Pushelberg


In 1965, USM‘s Haller modular furniture system was the first of USM‘s modular furniture systems to be launched onto the market. It was initially developed by Paul Schärer Jr., an engineering graduate of the ETH of Zurich, together with Fritz Haller, an architect based in Solothurn (CH), to meet USM‘s own requirements in the offices of its newly constructed production facility in Münsingen. Within a short time the system was also successful at the international level. Today, USM‘s Haller modular furniture system has become a timeless design classic. Over the past years further product lines have been developed which are mutually compatible and which are by now included amongst those Swiss export products in great demand: USM ‘Display’ (presentation system, 1989), USM‘s ‘Kitos’ modular table system (1990) and, to supplement these developments, USM‘s ‘Inos’ internal organization system (1996). With the launch of the new space-saving and space-creating modular furniture system, the eleven22 at the end of 1999, USM is following on from the basic philosophy of its classic, but is also taking completely new paths toward meeting the diverse requirements of computerized working environments which are constantly being reorganized and are based on the utilization of scant resources.



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