Picture © Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés
Picture © Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés
Picture © Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés
Picture © Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés
Picture © Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés

Kremlin-Bicetre Station

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1-5 Stories
Christophe Charon, Beat Meier, Enrico Cigolotti, Hervé Fichepain, Lionel Sikora, Giovanni Barbagallo, Benoît Paterlini, Khanh Chi Tran, Sandrine Calame, Livio Pérolat, Amélie Ballaud

Historically, the urban evolution of the area has long suffered from the presence of the highway. The new urban plan, the upgrade of the Rue Gabriel Péri, the evolution of the Bicetre University Hospital and the presence of the new station are all part of a major development project for the area. The station is located along the Rue Gabriel Péri, overlooking Paris. The pedestrian spaces will offer a view on the capital while the train platform is accessible 22 meters below ground level.

The station can be easily identified thanks to its singular roof: an horizontal evolution punctuated by a nonchalant rhythm produced by the walls. Wood is the material used for the structure and its underneath, while a wide cover will bring a specific atmosphere to the station’s lobby aiming directly at the senses.

The Kremlin-Bicêtre Hospital station will fit in the continuity of the city and is designed to foster and energize the neighbourhood’s social life by becoming a place where people meet and exchange.

Program: Metro station and lascaped town square
Mandate: Architecture and project management
Location: Kremlin-Bicêtre
Surface : 9 286 m²

Architect: Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés
Contractor: Setec TPI
Associate contractors: Groupement Maître d'œuvre: Setec tpi, Systra, Architecture-Studio, Agence Search, Wilmotte & Associés Architectes, Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés, Périphériques Architectes
Engineering firms: Setec TPI, Systra

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