A total of 16,000 TECTON luminaires are installed in the factory on trunking that covers a distance of around 40 kilometres.
Photo © Zumtobel / Photographer: Henning Moser
Based on 15,000 continuous-row 40W LED luminaires and 6000 operating hours, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is now saving 3420 MWh and 1920 tonnes of CO2 each year at the factory in Poland.
Photo © Zumtobel / Photographer: Henning Moser
A full LED solution has helped establish the factory as the worldwide most efficient building in the Volkswagen Group.
Photo © Zumtobel / Photographer: Henning Moser


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Wrzesnia, Poland

Thanks to an innovative LED lighting solution from Zumtobel, the new Volkswagen Crafter commercial vehicle plant in Poland is one of the most efficient factories in the VW Group, classified as a “Think Blue-Factory”.

At the new production plant of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in the Polish city of Wrzesnia, the latest generation of the Volkswagen Crafter and the similar TGE model from MAN are produced on 220 hectars. Thanks to an innovative full LED solution from Zumtobel, the factory has established itself as a leader in lighting efficiency within the VW Group. Alongside luminaires and controls for the assembly and production halls, the complete solution includes efficient lighting for the offices, high-bay storage facilities, outdoor areas and safety lighting.

The TECTON LED continuous-row system reduces energy consumption by 50 percent compared to T16 trunking. This continuous-row luminaire is optimised for a variety of different racking and surface lighting tasks, providing the perfect solution for the dedicated Volkswagen Crafter manufacturing and assembly facilities. The CRAFT L high-bay fitting used by Zumtobel in the paint shop and higher halls can be quickly and easily installed on the TECTON system.

Based on 15,000 continuous-row 40W LED luminaires and 6000 operating hours, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is now saving 3420 megawatt hours (MWh) and 1920 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year at the Polish plant.

The offices feature the recessed MIREL evolution luminaire and the PANOS downlight series, which ensure uniform illumination of the working areas and create precise accents that accentuate the interior architecture. The ONLITE RESCLITE from Zumtobel has been trusted to highlight the escape routes. The emergency lighting is monitored by LITECOM from Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS). Additional lighting tasks are carried out by products from Zumtobel’s PERLUCE and ONDARIA series and the sister brand Thorn.

Initial Volkswagen planning was based largely around conventional lighting, but efficiency calculations and the technological progress of LED technology at Zumtobel soon convinced the planners to realise the entire project with LED. The decision prompted VW to classify the new production facility as a “Think Blue-Factory”. This programme is designed to encourage plants to use resources more efficiently, reducing emissions and energy usage while minimising both water consumption and waste.

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