Butterfly House

The work of David Hertz and Syndesis can be characterized as multidisciplinary in focus and ranges from the design and construction of buildings to product design, furniture and public sculpture to material development and manufacturing i.e. Syndecrete and environmental consulting. The generalist nature of this practice has allowed for a comprehensive understanding of creative problem solving in general and the opportunity to view the problem from multiple perspectives simultaneously. Although the firm’s reputation precedes itself with the material development, furniture and product design it is these things, made within the context of architecture that have ultimately led to architecture itself, and have allowed for the opportunity to practice architecture selectively.

The Architectural projects stem from and early appreciation of the work and philosophies of Frank Lloyd Wright and subsequently John Lautner, the California work of Schindler, Neutra and the case study period as well as frank Gehry in addition to many contemporary artist and architects. Ultimately it is nature and its balanced natural processes itself that provides the inspiration and desire to emulate in the buildings

Each architectural project begins in as much as possible without preconceived ideas; rather evolve organically from the clues and specifics of the site, and client. Several philosophies are however embodied and avail themselves in the desire for the following; to provide for an abundance and dramatic interplay of natural and artificial light. Honest use and expression of materials and structure, incorporation of natural ventilation strategies, selection of healthy interior finishes, integration of landscape and minimization of interior and exterior space, resource and energy efficiency, sustainably and equitable produced materials and products, appropriate use of technologies, responsible to pragmatic and programmatic constraints, site specific, climate responsive, well crafted and detailed, restorative and protective, innovative, understand and overcome the obstacles of interpersonal communication, collaborative and inclusive of all participants and.............. timeless.

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