Abel Bainnson Butz, LLP
1 million - 100 millions
NYC School Construction Authority

JHS 72Q is a Jointly Operated Playground with NYC DPR that was originally constructed in the 1960s to serve both the school and the adjacent community of Rochdale Village. The newly renovated playground and recreational area provide a wider array of park amenities for school and neighborhood users and is ADA compliant.

Features include adult exercise equipment, renovation of the existing handball court, an interchangeable basketball and volleyball court with lighting, and a 3-lane track with a synthetic turf field that can be used for soccer and multi-sport play. The precast concrete amphitheater with benches is partially enclosed by a small grove of multi-stemmed Amelanchier trees. This area is intended to be used by the school or community groups for classes, performances, or informal gatherings. A school mural inspired the blue and white musical measure that is painted on the asphalt. It radiates towards the basketball court with concrete seatblocks ending the notation. A row of upright trees planted in a continuous tree pit with permeable pavers and World’s Fair backless benches separates the synthetic turf field from the basketball court. A new 7-foot-high steel bar fence at the perimeter allows the school to manage access to the playground during school hours.

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