The Mercersburg Academy, Burgin Center for the Arts

Mercersburg, PA
Foto © Jeff Goldberg/Esto
Disegno © Ennead Architects
Foto © Jeff Goldberg/Esto
Foto © Aislinn Weidele/Ennead Architects
Foto © Jeff Goldberg/Esto
Foto © Jeff Goldberg/Esto
Foto © Acoustic Dimensions
Foto © Jeff Goldberg/Esto
Foto © Jeff Goldberg/Esto
Foto © Maxwell Mackenzie
ennead architects
1M - 100M
1-5 Piani

This flexible and sophisticated facility for teaching the performing and visual arts encourages cross-disciplinary exploration. The building mass nestles into its sloped site on the main quadrangle, reinforcing the scale of the campus and diminishing the impact of the theater’s fly tower. Natural materials, including wood and Pennsylvania limestone, reinforce the connection with the sylvan landscape on four sides. The floor-to-ceiling glass curtain wall envelope blurs the distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces. Transparency of the glass and its luminosity at night reinforce access to the arts. Variable acoustics and advanced theater teaching technologies support the Academy’s goal to incorporate the performing arts into its core curriculum, and the theater provides an assembly space to accommodate the entire school.

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