• IDENTITY. New Commercial, Cultural and Mobility Architecture
  • The international and multidisciplinary practice GRAFT conceives of itself as a label for architecture, urban design, product design, and music. GRAFT calls itself a "hybrid office" and produces dynamic architectural designs for standard commissions; however, the architects also initiate their own projects and system solutions for tasks with a social, ecological, or esthetic emphasis.

    The book presents buildings by GRAFT in the fields of culture, offices, brand architecture, retail, and mobility. It contains about forty generously illustrated projects that document a wide range of work in which the respective corporate culture is incorporated in GRAFT's sophisticated architectural language. Dialectic essays focus on the practice's key themes, such as the debate on urban identity or mobility transition.

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  •  ISBN: 978-3035619164
  •  著者: Nora Zerelli, Wolfram Putz, Lars Krückeberg, Thomas Willemeit
  •  出版社: Birkhäuser de Gruyter

2018, Berlin
  • Unbuilding Walls
  • In 2018, Germany will be reunified for 28 years–exactly as long as the inner German border wall (1961–1989) existed. In the German Pavilion at the 2018 Architecture Biennale in Venice, GRAFT architects–Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz and Thomas Willemeit–together with the German politician Marianne Birthler take this parallel as an opportunity to explore the effects of division and the process of healing as a dynamic spatial phenomenon.

    This accompanying publication examines prominent examples of urban and architectural design that have arisen along the course of the former border strip since the reunification and address aspects of division and integration. Special focus is given to the site of the former Berlin Wall. In a series of essays, renowned architects, urban planners and political commentators examine the urban and social manifestations and implications of these developments. The publication also responds to current debates on nations, protectionism and division. As the world grows together, walls are increasingly being discussed and built that divide people from one another.

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  •  ISBN: 978-3-0356-1613-2
  •  著者: Marianne Birthler, Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz und Thomas Willemeit
  •  出版社: Birkhäuser

  • Futopolis. Stadt, Land, Zukunft
  • In a joint production with the Zukunftsinstitut, GRAFT has published FUTOPOLIS, a detailed examination of the megatrend urbanization. It is no coincidence that the big issues for the future of our environment are unfolding in our cities and metropolises. Urban hubs, our political, economic and creative centres, are gradually becoming 21st century states. What consequences does this have for urban development, administration and infrastructure? Where do opportunities arise for companies? And, how do the needs of society change? Likewise: what will happen to rural regions and how will they develop? The study addresses these questions and identifies and examines key trends in the future development of urban and rural areas.

    The study is available in German only.

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  •  ISBN: 978-3-945647-48-6
  •  著者:  Christoph Korner, Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit, Nora Zerelli (GRAFT), Matthias Horx, Lena Papasabbas, Janine Seitz (Zukunftsinstitut)
  •  出版社: Zukunftsinstitut GmbH

2017, Berlin
  • GRAFT Home. Story. New Residential and Hospitality Architecture
  • Covering over 500 pages, Birkhäuser’s new book GRAFT – Home. Story. offers a broad insight into GRAFT’s highly diverse “four walls”, showcasing permanent and temporary dwellings from detached houses to tower blocks and ultimately mansions and luxury hotels. GRAFT’s architecture reveals a sense of insatiable curiosity and eagerness to experiment – all the while foregrounding the unique aspects of each project and thus also the development of highly disparate spatial concepts.
    “GRAFT uses architecture as a dynamic way forward and as an exploration of creativity, rather than creating finished products.” (Daniel Libeskind, foreword). The word “home” by no means denotes a lifeless shell offering its inhabitants protection but rather a true “home” that consistently reflects their needs and identities. GRAFT adopts this personal disposition for its concepts and designs, and the firm’s architecture is accordingly varied – alongside amorphous and futuristic mansions in Kuala Lumpur, Home. Story. also documents clearly structured, sustainable buildings in Berlin or glassy tower blocks in Las Vegas. And both the innards and the exteriors of the buildings are addressed – for example, Home. Story. also presents furniture and fittings such as door handles designed by GRAFT.
    Home. Story. does much more than simply document the sophisticated residential building projects undertaken by GRAFT. With a collection of illustrations, the book also tells the story and development of an architectural practice that is not content being tied town to a specific style but is rather in a constant state of evolution.

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  •  ISBN: 978-3-035611-6-25
  •  著者: With a foreword by Daniel Libeskind
  •  出版社: Birkhäuser de Gruyter

  • Immobilienreport 2016: Wolfram Putz, Lars Krückeberg, Thomas Willemeit
  • Zukunftsinstitut GmbH, Frankfurt

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2016, Berlin
  • Architecture Activism
  • Architecture Activism documents ten projects that specifically address social problems and societal needs around the globe in which architecture is used as a means of actively fostering the development of livable places and environments. Among them is SOLARKIOSK, a self-initiated project that empowers people in off-grid communities by bringing clean energy and light into darkness.

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  •  ISBN: 978-3-945647-01-1
  •  著者: Nora Zerelli, Christoph Korner, Wolfram Putz, Lars Krückeberg, Thomas Willemeit
  •  出版社: Birkhäuser De Gruyter

  • Immobilienreport 2015: Wolfram Putz, Lars Krückeberg, Thomas Willemeit
  • Zukunftsinstitut GmbH, Frankfurt

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  • Distinct Ambiguity: Wolfram Putz, Lars Krückeberg, Thomas Willemeit et. al.
  • Gestalten Verlag, Berlin

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  • GRAFTWORLD 2009: Kristin Feireiss, Hans Jürgen Commerell
  • Aedes Berlin, Berlin

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  • Architecture in Times of Needs 2009: Kristin Feireiss
  • Prestel Ltd., 1. Edition, München

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  • Architecture in Times of Need: GRAFT et. al.
  • Prestel Verlag, München

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