Ephemeral Bubble


MAD's design embraces the advent of a new era. It reflects the office's architectural exploration of contemporary art and the transformation of lifestyle and multimedia formats in contemporary Chinese cities. MAD's research concerning the integration of digital media into architectural design demonstrates a unique approach towards architecture.

Dedicated to understanding and exploring flexibility and new possibilities inherent in simple and traditional functions, MAD enhances these by means of new organizations and logics - analyzing value, desire, culture, and political strength in contemporary China. By treating these vectors as fluid and dynamic presentations of contemporary life, structures are no longer isolated objects as defined in architectural modernity; they become natural and coherent components of human life and the urban environment.

MAD partners with engineers, programmers, artists, landscape designers, energy and structural consultants from China, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States; the firm is committed to continuing and expanding these alliances to address challenges in design and provide ingenious solutions to our clients.


  • 建築家
Beijing, China
  • Rome, イタリア
  • Santa Monica
April 1st, 2003