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Established in 2001 in New Orleans, NANO is an internationally recognized, award-winning firm offering architectural services, master planning, interior design, and customized design experiences. Utilizing a variety of delivery methods, our portfolio includes new construction, renovations, and historic preservation within the commercial, residential, educational, industrial, and municipal sectors. NANO has grown from a small, two-person husband and wife team focused on process driven scaled architecture, construction and hand-made custom furniture to a 18-person firm performing international recognized, resilient solutions to our built environment while honing our craft for the future solutions to our communities and global challenges today.

Persistent design is the implicit intent to create occupiable art that both reflects and expands the architectural language of our time. The success of our ethos is one of spatial relationships based upon a series of scales where every project encompasses not only the most removed, observable viewpoint, but also the most detailed. No programmatic element is ever overlooked, whether large or small in scale. We approach every project not only at the scale of the city, the block and the street, but also at the level of the smallest minutiae – the joint, the reveal and the grain. No scale is superior but rather informative, relating to the other culminating in a unified architectural language.

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