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Photo © Delphin Burtin Photographie
Photo © Delphin Burtin Photographie
Photo © Delphin Burtin Photographie
Photo © Delphin Burtin Photographie
Photo © Delphin Burtin Photographie
Montalba Architects, Inc.

The exhibition pavilion is a temporary structure of about 40 square meters. The theme of the energy that connects the works presented in this triennial guided the design of the building. The wooden structure is lightweight and removable so that it can be reused for future events. The shelves and the FabLab form the vertical structure that supports the roof. The facade consists of narrow vertical panels alternating with voids. Thus, this skin works like a filter that reinforces the interior spatial qualities. The foundations are minimal in order to limit the impact of the construction on the ground. The choice of materials, naturally Swiss, and the local constructive know-how have guided the technical and implementation resolutions.The pavilion is an important step in the visit to the park. It offers visitors the resources and information necessary for the discovery of artists and the understanding of the works. The FabLab installed in it is led by a team of specialists. They present their work and their experiments. It will be a place of exchange and sharing of technology. The pavilion is a collaborative project at the crossroads of art, architecture and new technologies. A dynamic and lively place. In order to carry out this project, we have developed a comprehensive and precise study of the project to ensure technical and financial feasibility. To help us realize this artistic and cultural project, we are looking for sponsors and patrons. Such support will contribute to the building of the pavilion, to further radiate this special event, which profoundly impacts the landscape of Swiss art and the natural landscape.

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