Feldspar Brook

New York
照片 © Frank Oudeman
照片 © Frank Oudeman
照片 © Frank Oudeman
照片 © Frank Oudeman
照片 © Frank Oudeman
照片 © Frank Oudeman
Interior Designers
New York

In this project, we worked with the polo-only clothing brand Feldspar Brook to develop their 200-square-foot store flagship store in SoHo. The inspiration for this retail space centered around the idea of highlighting multiple variations on the same quality polo shirt to introduce a new wave of colors each season.

As a prototype, we scaled three rows of shirts to crisscross, using the gradient of colors in each row as an undulating wave to create new patterns of color and energy. This specific display strategy is an intersection of conceptual display systems, the essence of variation across a single product, as well as the creative use of space hinged on a sense of energy and timelessness.


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