Foto © Bruce Damonte
Foto © Bruce Damonte
Foto © Bruce Damonte
Foto © Bruce Damonte
Foto © Bruce Damonte
Foto © Bruce Damonte
Foto © Bruce Damonte

The Line Lofts

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Situated in the heart of Hollywood, this project infills an 182 x 127-foot lot with a cost-conscious, updated living typology. In bringing 82 apartments to a very constrained site, the architect needed to rethink the traditional floor plan in order to create a collection of well-lit and well-articulated apartments. To do this, the building abandons the standard filing cabinet layout, assuming a C-formation and dispersing its circulation space unconventionally: Egress stairs have been moved to the exterior to free up interior space, while multi-floor connections (in addition to elevators) are provided at various elevations to more fluidly connect floors.

Units have been designed to optimize natural light and each apartment features oversized windows, glass sliders, and an atrium balcony. By recessing the balcony from the facade, three sides are exposed, creating a stronger interior/exterior relationship while, too, allowing light to be pulled deeper into the spaces. Street- and courtyard-facing units are partially shrouded with perforated screens to provide privacy without curtains.

Budgetary constraints played heavily into materiality, pushing the architects to think creatively how off-shelf products could bring construction costs down while still reflecting a custom look. Although the first floor of the building is concrete, floors two through six use prefabricated wood framing—this reduced costs and shortened the construction schedule. Similarly, a thoughtful use of plaster and metal on the facade add lightness and dimensionality to what could otherwise be an overbearing mass.

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