The ultimatiive luxury garage on video
Video © HIRT kinetics AG
HIRT kinetics® hoist fronts ensure an optimal use of space. They replace conventional garage doors, such as roller or hinged doors.
Photo © HIRT kinetics AG
A clever alternative – and chic as well: Thanks to the large window fronts, the garage resembles a car showroom more than a simple parking space.
Photo © HIRT kinetics AG
Perfectly balanced technology ensures that the lifting fronts glide up smoothly.
Photo © HIRT kinetics AG

Garage on the Côte d’Azur

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Monaco, Monaco
Implementation partner
Okna Mira

A space-saving system for the garage – Space is often a scarce commodity. This frequently makes its efficient utilisation as well as a clever layout all the more important. A garage on the Côte d’Azur shows in an impressive way how, even on difficult building ground, the transformation into a true miracle of space can succeed.

Here, a car lift was installed to accommodate a fleet of vehicles. This doubled the number of parking spaces for limousines, sports cars, and the like. However, it also meant that an innovative solution had to be found for the garage door, as there was neither sufficient space for a conventional rolling door nor for space-consuming hinged doors. The solution found was a front that opened vertically – a technology which around the world is closely linked to one name: HIRT moving architecture®. HIRT kinetics® hoist fronts make full use of the strengths of moveable architecture to master every challenge. To do this, they look upwards: Unlike HIRT kinetics® drop fronts, they do not rest on a balanced supporting structure, but are instead suspended on cables. They move up to open and thus do not need a utility room below. But just like with drop fronts, the technology behind hoist fronts is entirely “made in Switzerland”: precise, reliable, and silent.

As glass is the primary building material of this garage on the Côte d’Azur, the result is not so much a simple storage space for vehicles but rather a showroom which skilfully sets the stage for the cars.

HIRT moving architecture® rethinks the way we build and comes up with unusual solutions that nevertheless always meet the requirements of modern building. Once, rigid construction elements might have limited what architecture was capable of. But those times are over. Builders and architects remain flexible by relying on the dynamic momentum provided by HIRT kinetics®.

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