Photo © Zooey Braun
Photo © Zooey Braun
Photo © Zooey Braun
Photo © Zooey Braun
Photo © Zooey Braun
Drawing © IF Group

Janoschka Fair stand drupa

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Düsseldorf, Germany

The drupa is the most important trade fair worldwide for companies in the printing, paper and publishing industries. janoschka presents its international partners and potential new customers with a comprehensive spectrum of services and production competencies in the field of printing plates and reproduction. A stand was designed to demonstrate both the breadth of the janoschka range and to make the standards and values of the company instantly tangible. ‘The quality people for individual prepress solutions’, the company’s guiding principle, was embodied in an overall concept spanning both the stand architecture and the communication, creating a striking and visitor-friendly display.

The ‘details & dimensions’ concept for this trade fair demonstrates how janoschka employees and production techniques ‘set standards’: Satisfying the demands of precision and high quality even in the smallest detail on one hand and leading and coordinating a globally operative company on the other. Special exhibits and communication areas convey the often quite abstract processes and services to the visitor in a fun and easy-to-understand way. The stand design features a conscious play on extreme leaps in scale, using visuals and communication derived from the world of printing plate production and reproduction. The result is a highly distinguishable overall impression for the trade fair visitor.

Janoschka Holding GmbH

102 sqm

Peter Ippolito, Gunter Fleitz, Axel Knapp, Daniela Schröde, Anna Maier

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