Thematic Pavilion „One Ocean“

Yeosu, South Korea
Photo © Kim Yong-kwan
Photo © Kim Yong-kwan
Photo © Kim Yong-kwan
knippershelbig GmbH
Yeosu, South Korea

The Thematic Pavilion is one of the major buildings for the Expo 2012 in Yeosu/ Korea.

The building has two main facades. The waterfront façade is designed in reference to pebbles whereas the kinetic façade with the main entrance facing the expo area symbolizes the gills of a fish. Both façades illustrate the theme of the expo “The living ocean and coast” very well.

More than one hundred individual moveable louvers can be set to respond to changing sun light conditions. The façade can also perform according to a predefined choreography or react to individual events.

The louvers are made of fiber reinforced polymer (GFK), which is both strong and flexible. They have one stiff and one thin edge and with actuators placed both at the top and bottom, they are capable of asymmetrical bending to allow light to radiate in and out of the building as well as afford views both ways.

LEDs illuminate the façade during the night, to emphasize its kinetic character.

One Ocean Pavilion Kinetic media façade consisting of GFRP louvers

The Organizing Committee for EXPO 2012 Yeosu - KR


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