11 December 2023

New York, NY
Algemeen, Evenementen, Lezingen

New York and the Public Realm: A Conversation with Dan Doctoroff  

Please join the AIANY Planning and Urban Design and AIANY Transportation and Infrastructure Committees for a conversation between Dan Doctoroff and Justin Davidson. Over the course of the evening, Doctoroff will reflect on his his career in the public...

to 17 December 2023

Santa Barbara, CA
Algemeen, Tentoonstellingen

From Within: The Architecture of Helena Arahuete  

Amidst the pressing environmental concerns arising from the construction industry today, From Within shines a spotlight on the architect Helena Arahuete (b. Belgium, active in Los Angeles), whose work engages the natural world in an exceptionally...

to 20 January 2024

New York
Evenementen, Tentoonstellingen

Emerging Ecologies: Architecture and the Rise of Environmentalism  

Buildings produce nearly 40% of the world’s yearly carbon emissions. Emerging Ecologies: Architecture and the Rise of Environmentalism explores how architects in the US responded to the environmental crisis of the 1960s and 1970s, when concern with...

to 27 January 2024

Chicago, IL
Algemeen, Tentoonstellingen

A Lot With Little  

In a world where unpredictable events and natural disasters increasingly affect our living conditions, and where the building industry is responsible for nearly 40% of global carbon emissions, the responsibility of architects has never been as critical...

to 27 January 2024

Cincinnati, OH
Evenementen, Tentoonstellingen

A Permanent Nostalgia for Departure: A Rehearsal on Legacy with Zaha Hadid  

In 2011 Etel Adnan wrote in an ode to Zaha Hadid, “to discover, in this woman who built a solid rock, a permanent nostalgia for departure. Everything she made seems to always be the day before a departure, a permanent invitation to the imagination, and...

to 4 February 2024

West Hollywood, CA
Algemeen, Tentoonstellingen

Print Ready Drawings  

Between 1950 and 1989, an intense print culture emerged when architects began to engage with graphic media, producing drawings and collages intended for reproduction and publishing. Print Ready Drawings investigates the process behind these printed...

3 March to 8 March 2024

Beurzen + Conferenties

Light + Building 2024  

Light + Building is the international meeting place for manufacturers from the lighting, electrical engineering, home and building automation and connected security technology sectors. The most important visitor groups include architects, interior...

to 23 March 2024

New York, NY
Evenementen, Tentoonstellingen

Generation Proxima: Emerging Environmental Practices in Portuguese Architecture  

Generation Proxima: Emerging Environmental Practices in Portuguese Architecture provides an environmentally-oriented overview of emerging architectural practices in Portugal. The exhibition highlights seven firms whose work responds to environmental...

to 14 May 2024

Moorestown, NJ
Algemeen, Tentoonstellingen

Malcolm Wells: One Man’s Crusade To Save The Environment Through Architecture  

Malcolm Wells, designer of the former Moorestown Municipal Complex, championed environmentally responsible design and was considered the father of modern earth-sheltered architecture. The exhibit will focus on Wells’ early conventional architecture,...

to 11 August 2024

New York, NY
Algemeen, Tentoonstellingen

An Atlas of Es Devlin  

An Atlas of Es Devlin is the first monographic museum exhibition dedicated to British artist and stage designer Es Devlin (born 1971), who is renowned for work that transforms audiences. Since beginning in small theaters in 1995, she has charted a...

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